Monday, May 18, 2015

Final For DAT101 Ragna the Grim Reaper V.s Hakumen the Madked Freak!!!

Final Harry Potter Movie

Final project

When the leaves - Ingrid Michaelson

skate on

Winter is coming everyone, so say the Stark family(those that are left anyways). I hope those of you whom read the books or watch the series appreciate this! Thanks again for watching.

Gatorade Commercial

Final Project

I took a few gameplay trailers for a game I'm personally excited for, and edited some of the clips together. It honestly pales in comparison to the original, though.

Finally got around to working with Illustrator after missing that class!

my bear
My friends and I in Ceramics!

Hope this works... If not i'll try again.

Mothers Day Stuff

First try with Adobe Premiere Pro:

Monday, May 11, 2015

Dancing video. Enjoy :-D

bloopers with friends

Dan Torres Ocean Roars

Cinemagraph Movie

Videos from 5/11

My videos from tonight, they were too big to upload directly.


The orange dog in this video passed away at the end of April and I happened to have a lot of images and videos with him on my Google Drive so played around with them and added a song that I like.

This video was inspired by a song I heard recently. I didn't put all of the clips together but I did edit them around and remove some of them, as well as adding the music.



Hopefully I uploaded the Premier file to the blog correctly.

waves movie

Float by

Ping Pong Gif

Star ship, enters Earth's orbit and then vanishes.

Text Scrolling:

Thank you for watching, know that while I am not a graphics/video design major it is a topic that interests me greatly.

Monday, May 4, 2015

More work on Flash.

Scrolling text.

Space animation.

to all my trek fans



cloud in sky

bird in sky

Animated glider gif

Monday, April 27, 2015

Finally got along to uploading my TIME Image we did in InDesign. Enjoy!

This was a change from this document:

A LIL B-Ball

Also in video form, anyone should have access to the link below. 

No gravity


Shooting heart

Had fun with Flash today.  Definitely more to learn but these are the first 2 I got done.

Thinking about this upcoming football season.

Just messing with the shapes.

Two page spread - in design



Magazine cover - indesign